Monday, December 5, 2011

Hair cut... AGAIN!

Today's the day I cut my hair... AGAIN! HAHA!!! I know, right? Seems like everyone's hair keeps growing but mine just keeps getting shorter. LOL!
Here's my half done hair look...

After about an hour, my hair was done. It's so short now but I have no regrets. I have been looking for a different look for a long time anyway. However, I thought of getting a wilder look. Later on maybe?

Was hungry and sister wasn't free yet, so I walked to the Subway few doors away for lunch. It's my first time eating Subway in Malaysia. I only had Subway in China and that was my one and only time...

As I finished my meal, I took out my notebook and started drafting again. Have to draw a cap by this weekend to support FIX in Astro Battleground. Have no idea what to put on the cap yet... Simple is the thing I am looking for...
Walked to Chatime for drinks! Bought for myself to go on ETS to drink and also for sister and Ryan.
The interior design for Christmas was so cool! So creative! Postcards in enormous sizes and notes written behind.
These stuff is everywhere! I think the artwork on all of them are very unique but I loves this the most somehow. Perhaps cause it comes with a heart.
This chair? I have no idea who and what came up with it. Who can climb up that chair to sit on it anyway?
The stage outside Publika. It's so cool how the setting is made. It does not look anything like a stage~!

Got back to Ipoh by dinner time. Had drinks with Chanelle, KitKat, Alex and some friends. Instead, I spent the whole night sitting around the staff in Euro House. I had so much fun laughing and chatting with them.

The hat they lent me to play and camwhored with. Christmas mood is here!

HAHA... One of the staff with the funny hat.

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