Sunday, December 25, 2011

Euro House Cosplay Christmas Party!!!

From the title above, I bet you already know what I am about to blog about today right? Yeah!!!
Instead of having a Cosplay costume, I wore something out of the topic... AGAIN! HAHA!!! Why would I say again? That's cause the last costume party in Euro House, it was supposed to be a halloween theme and I was in a fairy costume. If you missed out on that post, click HERE! Here below is what I wore this year!!! AN ANGEL!!!
A little different from Halloween though. A fairy and an Angel. How convenient. HAHA!!! Bumped into Stephanie. What a small world! 
Since I had no table booked, I sat with Simon, Aaron and their gang. It was a really fun gang to sit with though. We were just crazy at the table. 
 Once I saw Simon, I just had to ask what his character was. Can anyone figure it out? It's SOOOO PREDICTABLE?????
Here's a fun picture I made for him. A great cheers to his twin... 
I was also having fun with the staff and got to play with their costume accessories again as usual... So... what do you think? angel with my normal hair or their wig? LOL!!! 
Photobucket Photobucket 
Here's the cosplay costumes from the staff!!! 
Overall, it was a great party. I only left about 2am! Here's videos from the party. Please ENJOY!!!

To end this post, I shall wish everyone a merry christmas and here is a cute video for you to enjoy...

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