Monday, December 19, 2011

A day in Bangsar

Today's the last day I will be at KL.It's finally the holidays and I no longer have to travel up to KL via ETS train for the year of 2011. I was supposed to leave by 2pm but my sister insisted that I stayed til night.
We went to Bangsar as Ryan had to try on his new suit. It was at a men's boutique called Wardrobe. He had to tailor make it and  have it done by January for his wedding. The tailors there were so professional. I wouldn't even want to know the price for the services there.

We girls got bored and started camwhoring. Funny Fun Pictures!!!

Then, we went to Tatiana to see my sister's gown. Her wedding dress is done! COOL!
I had to try some clothes myself as I saw some cheongsams. Was planning to get one as soon as possible. First, I tried this on. I was only okay with it. Not very satisfied. Also the price was RM299!!!
Then I bought this one below. Much better huh?
We then went to Bangsar Village to shop. We also saw some Lego display in Bangsar Village.

After dinner, we had to drive to Levain for some macaroons before I headed back to Ipoh. Crazy huh???

Shizuka taught me how to write my name and I love you in Japanese today. It's the one thing I have been writing throughout the whole train journey home! I want to learn Japanese!!!

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