Friday, October 28, 2011

Media Prima Nite

Tonight was the bomb! I guess I could be used to KL life after all... However, I am still a spoilt small city girl who prefers the carefree, traffic jam-less place where I call home, Ipoh.

I had to drive to KL that weekend as I had to rush back to a wedding dinner in Ipoh on Sunday. Instead of going on Saturday, I drove down with Sabrina on Friday so we could have some shopping. When we got to KLCC, it was already 4pm. We had to hang around to shop before heading to the Convention Hall for Media Prima Nite, the biggest function I have ever attended...

Time flew really quickly and we walked to ballroom 3 for the function. It was BIG HUGE!!! I don't know much artists from Malaysia, therefore I didn't exactly feel intimidated by the surroundings. 
 The stage of the event.
I was told that I was surrounded by "stars" but I still stood there clueless, searching for people whom I know, my friends...

Kaze and Sabrina.
Kaze and I
I bumped into Grace!!!

And also Langkawi. It's his name, not the place. LOL!

Throughout the night, I only saw 2 or 3 people whom I am familiar with, who are local artistes. I didn't take pictures with them though as I am not the kind who stalks artistes. (LMAO). However, I got tempted into taking pictures of some Hong Kong artistes.

Can anyone tell me what their names are again? I never remember Hong Kong Stars names. Not like I would be calling them up for a drink or call out their names when I see them on the streets right?

The highlight of the night for me was when ECX performed together with a few of my old and new friends, making up a flash mob right in front of the stage! Here's the video! Enjoy it as much as I did.
ECX had a small little corner party after that, while I snapped pictures from far... too lazy to walk there.

After all that hectic stuff going on, it was party time! Everyone headed to the dance floor for a happening dance party and I was pulled on it too. Thanks for that, or else I would not have had such a great time... Then, CHENG CHENG CHENGGGGGGG.... Chriz and Dennis went crazy... Yeah, CRAZY!!!

I am only allowed to post this one picture since it is also out in public already. The rest, was promised to be kept secret. HAHA!!! PAY ME!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

It was overall a really great party. Thanks guys for including me, especially Kaze... Oh right... I gave Kaze his early birthday present too! His birthday is in a few days...

The shopping centre was closed by the time we were done. However, I thank God for making us walk outdoors to our car. Otherwise, I would never have captured such an amazing sight of KLCC. Though I am a Malaysian, I never got to admire our beautiful KLCC til now. 

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