Friday, November 18, 2011

The drama

I bet all of you have watched Hong Kong dramas, Taiwan dramas, China dramas etc, right? Well, Little did I know that my life would be almost as dramatic as that... HAHAHA... Songs have been singing sad love songs about just anything. I should be singing one by now, but however I guess I have learnt to let go. Therefore knowing the news didn't exactly give me a big impact.

A kid messaged me on facebook today. She's my EX's Godbrother's daughter. She is about 7 this year I guess? I am speechless as I received it. Please take a look for yourself. After, I shall tell you why all the drama...

Last month, I heard from a distant relative of my EX (the one I have been with for 4 and a half years and only broke up in May 2011) that his girlfriend had announced themselves on Facebook to be married in February next year. I must admit I was shocked at how soon it was going to happen. Just months ago I still stalked her Facebook because I just had to know what was going on in their life. She said that they plan not to be married soon because they still are not financially stable. And to be frank, they have been together for only like what...? 6 months now? Oh, that's the officially time together. I don't know how long they have been together behind my back though... As I tell everyone around me that he is getting married, the responses I get are just the typical modern ones like "Is she pregnant? Why the rush then?" That's what I was thinking too. However, it's up to them as it's their life. None of my business. I don't know if she was attempting to invite me to the wedding or anything, as I don't get why she was trying to add me as a friend on Facebook, especially when I stopped stalking them for months already. It just didn't matter anymore. Perhaps she wanted to rub it in my face that she is getting married to the guy who used to be mine? I don't know what her motive is but I guess I spoilt that plan as it ain't getting me anywhere near rage. I have moved on. I am happy for them too if they are getting married for the right reasons, which is that they have really found their true happiness. 

However, I really wish them all the luck they can have as both parties will have to work really hard to keep the marriage going. Tough job that I won't be able to handle.

*PS. Please don't worry about me. I have really moved on happily already... I mean, just read my blog and see for yourself!

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